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Use your internet connection to make and receive low rate phone calls.
Save up to 80% off your phone bill.
Pay-as-you-go Calling, Worldwide Unlimited Plans and FREE in-network calls.

No software to download - use a normal home or business phone.

FREE in-network calling allows any  subscriber to call another subscriber worldwide FREE.

We are a leading telecommunications company that transforms your high speed internet connection into a regular phone line. However, unlike traditional internet telephone technology  you don't need headphones or to download any software.

Unlimited calling plans allow you to make unlimited calls to fixed phone numbers worldwide.

Unlimited calling works on a fixed monthly charge and enables you to make unlimited calls to any regular telephone number in the world based on the countries in the plan of your choice.

We give your home/business full phone and e-mail support.

We'll send you a no hassle 'plug and play' digital phone adaptor that will enable you to connect your own corded or cordless home/business phone to our network. Once you have connected to our network you are able to take advantage of our low rate call plans. We give you full telephone support to help you connect your adaptor and activate your phone.

Save you up to 80% off your telephone bill using your broadband internet connection.

Free in-network calls
Caller ID
Free in-network calls
Low call rates
3-way calling
Repeat dialing
No headsets
Use a normal phone



Country   Area Code Cost per Minute
U S A 11 0.016
AUSTRALIA 61 0.018
FRANCE 33 0.014
ITALY 390 0.013
SPAIN 348 0.014











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